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Lake Ontario
4/15 - 9/21

Lake Ontario has two key hotspots where bait fish, currents and Ledge Structure draws major king salmon populations. The annual spring concentration of King Salmon in the Western Basin of Lake Ontario is famous for consistant catches. Lake warming causes a migration from the Niagara Bar eastward to Olcott and finally Point Breeze. This causes a terriffic double summer fishery to form.

  1. The first fishery sets up along the Point Breeze ledge structure off of the Oak Oarchard River with Kings and giant Brown Trout being the daily targeted species.
  2. The second fishery forms offshore over deep water and consists of coho, atlantics, steelhead and teenage kings.
This double area of concentration is why summer catches aboard "Troutman" are so consistant off the "Oak".

Capt John with Coho

Point Breeze/Oak Orchard River, Orleans County NY

At ice out when "Troutman" is launched, the shallow water planer board fishery is on. Brown trout and coho salmon hit fast for a fun early fishing trip. Half and full days are available.

Captain John, being the first full time charter captain at the Oak (1977), knows these waters and prefers these waters for the summer season. The combination of the inside ledge action for summer browns, mature staging kings and the off shore fishery for the silver mixed bag makes this the charter fishing destination of choice. "Troutman" has specific spots and methods for summer Trophy Brown Trout and Monster kings staging for the fall runs. There are many finess setups to fool the big browns.

To consistantly catch the BIG KING different programs including dodger/flasher flies, cut bait and j-plugs are utilized on "Troutman".

Each Charter includes
Our Custom 14 rod tackle
Troutman's Proven "Big Catch Lure Programs"
Capt John's Custom Cleaning and freezer bagging service
6 Hour (1/2 day)
Capt John's Famous
"Extra Hour"
Lake Ontario
AM or PM your convienience
"Action Bite" Trip

1 - 3 Anglers --- $375 4 - 6 Anglers --- $475
9 Hour Full Day
Capt John's
Popular Lake Ontario
1 - 3 Anglers --- $475 4 - 6 Anglers --- $575


Special Note

Family and veteran's 10 percent off all rates!

If you have a special group size or want customize fishing hours
or need another angler(s) to complete your group
Capt John will help you split the charter.

Email me and I will help you get into the fish!

Please use my
Boat Phone - 1 585 590 2045 5 AM to 7 PM
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for best service.

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Capt John's customer service provides you with complete trip planning details for a hassle free charter experience.

Contact me e-mail E-Mail ( , Office Phone 1-800-443-2510, Cell Phone 1-585-590-2045

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Captain John Oravec & Tight Lines Charters offer Charter fishing on Lake Ontario for Kings, Cohos, Atlantics, Browns, Steelheads, Rainbows, and Lakers, and on the St Lawrence River and Niagara River for Walleyes, Bass and Muskies.