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Sept 15, 2017

Captain John thank you for everything you did this weekend for my family.
They have been wanting to do this trip for three years.
Here's a great picture of you and Adrian with his first catch.
The guys can't stop talking and laughing about the trip.
Will be calling again to definitely schedule next year..
We will "fish on".
Adrian Hayes


August 2, 2017

I canít thank Captain John Oravec enough for giving my husband,
Steve Bligh, a wonderful experience
on his fishing charter on August 2, 2017.

Steve has mobility issues due to Parkinsonís Disease.
Our son, Steve, who also went on the Charter,
was very concerned about his dad
being able to get on and off the boat.

Captain John moved his boat to a location on the dock
which made it so easy for my husband to
board and disembark his beautiful boat.

Both my son and my husband were so relieved
and therefore, they and their friends,
could really enjoy the charter.

Did I mention that all 6 on board that day caught fish!
My husband has been an avid fisherman all his life.
He had to sell his own boat last year for safety and practicality reasons, which really was a difficult decision for us to make.

Captain John has given Steve the opportunity to still be on the
lake and to participate in his number one favorite sportÖfishing!
Steve and his friends have gone on many fishing charter trips
with Captain John because of his knowledge and expertise
in finding and catching fish.

Captain John is always developing new fishing techniques
for all species of fish and is always teaching and willing to
explain on his charters.

It is a great comfort to me to know that Captain John
can still make this happen for Steve even as
his Parkinsonís disease is progressing.

I know Steve is looking forward to many more
fishing charter trips with Captain John Oravec.
He has become a good friend to Steve and
we are all very grateful for his friendship.
Best regards,
Sandy Bligh
Greece, NY



Jan 3 & 4, 2017

Fished with Capt John Oravec out of Lewiston NY
with brother Bill and nephew Chris.
Had a great time despite the weather.
He was professional, informative, and productive.
Catching lakers, browns, and a king on Niagara river was a blast.
Look forward to fishing with Capt John this summer.
Thanks again
Rich Schreiber
Bill Schreiber
Chris Winn



On behalf of my son and grandsons, I can’t thank Captain John enough for the great memories of the last couple of years. We have fished with him on both the lower Niagara River in the winter and Lake Ontario in the summer.  The trips have been great experiences for my grandsons and they always talk about the experience of catching big kings, steelhead, browns and lakers.  Captain John is one of the most talented and knowledgeable charter captains I have ever met. It was such a pressure watching him teach the boys the best methods for drifting the river and trolling for big kings on the lake. He was very patient and enjoyed working with the boys as much as I enjoyed seeing them catch the big fish. We look forward to future trips with the Troutman.
Fish on!!
Jim Z – Brecksville, Ohio


"I've been fishing with John for over 10 years.
He always works hard for us and puts us over fish.
He is always willing to help with our fishing skills and really wants us to catch fish.
The best thing is when all of the other boats are leaving the river, John keeps on going.
His experience on the river is second to none.
We always get our money's worth when we are fishing with John.
Fish On Troutman.
Dave E, Clarion, PA

My father, two of my friends and I had one of the most enjoyable fishing trips we ever had on Lake Ontario.
Captain John on the Troutman II made this possible right from the start. The first rod went off and my father caught the largest brown trout of his life and he is 77 years young.
Captain John is a very enjoyable and professional gentleman to work with. He will teach you a lot about fishing on Lake Ontario if you listen.
Mike, Central Pennsylvania

In Appreciation...
The Charter Captain's of Pt. Breeze, NY
dedicate this day, June 25, 2014, to honor the

VETERANS of the United States of America.

Thank you for keeping our children safe,
our shores secure and our country free.

You made today possible.
The Captains of Pt. Breeze.

"Finally had an opportunity to keep good on my word last weekend to a top charter Captain (John Oravec - "Troutman") whom I've held in the very highest regard since reading his articles when I first started fishing 7 years ago. The flavor of his articles always struck me as coming from someone with a genuine interest in "sharing the fish" and promoting a favorable fishing experience for all - even those who may not be his clients. He had done me a good turn 5 or 6 years ago. I had recently bought the first boat of my life and a buddy and I were out for our second attempt at winter steelhead fishing on the lower Niagara River. We had been skunked on our first outing and were out of luck on our second. We had tried three different stores on the way to the launch but no one had egg sacks so we went with what we had. Unfortunately for us neither minnows or quickfish worked that day. We saw Captain John, with his happy clients, and numerous fish caught in the same waters we were fishing. I truthfully admitted to our tough luck. I knew who he was, and of his reputation, and that I had read his articles, but I didn't bring it up. He kindly suggested using egg sacks but we had none. Sensing my desperate disappointment, and not knowing that I had yet to catch my first winter steelhead, he simply reached into his pocket and gave us some of his own prepared sacks. I offered to pay him but he refused. I suggested that I would at least give him a pack of hooks or something the next time I saw him. Although he said "not necessary" I made a promise to myself to do so anyway. We fished some more and within no time at all I hooked up and caught a steely I will remember for the rest of my life - with a warm story to go with it. It took until last weekend to cross paths again. I never thought it would take so long but I had picked up some Blackbird hooks and I've kept that same pack in my boat for all these years - with his name on it. I walked up to his truck last weekend and with a brief introduction I tendered the hooks. To my surprise he remembered the event. Certainly this meant more to me than to Capt John but it puts the proper ending on the story of my first steelhead. To this day I try to pass the same good turn on down the line.

-John G -Buffalo, NY

I want to let you know that, speaking on behalf of all the Lynch men, we had a wonderful experience on the "Troutman." It is an experience that I had with my dad, my uncle and my son that I will never forget. It was an experience for my son that I know he will never forget. Everytime he talks about our weekend fishing trip and the fish he caught, his eyes sparkle and smiles more than I have ever seen him!!! The knowledge and professionalism that you possess is what makes a weekend fishing trip worth it all. Again, I want to thank you from all of us for a great weekend filled with great fishing and lots of memories!!!
Thanks again!!


Fishing with John Oravec is like being invited behind the scenes of a Las Vegas magic show. You find out what you never expected to know, and when you're driving away with a cooler full of fish, you start to think that you too, could catch fish like John. It's only after a few days that the lessons of his hard work, dedication to a craft and extreme attention to the details of the moment sink in and you thank your lucky stars that you were fishing with a real pro.


Captain John:
As you can see from the first picture, Alexa thinks the whole world of you. You are the MAN, for the day you provided for us! I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the entire experience. It's a whole lot different for me to get out with the family and my own guide, with NO clients and no pressures. I am truly thankful. I hope some of these pics get on the website, but, I'm just as happy to share them with you, my friend. I'm looking forward to another day on any water; in any weather, seeking our quarry. And as you can see in the one pic, with yours and Alexa's hats on sideways, I can still hear you both finishing your sentence, with, "word!". I never thought I would hear you doing rap. I will send all the pics in multiple mails. Keith Moon rolled over. John, always a pleasure, sir! With continued highest regards,


My wife and I have been fishing with Captain John nsince 1989.
We have always had excellent catches with him. He has always treated us fairly and courtesly. The first time we met Capt John was during Hurricane Hugo. Instead of taking us out to the end of the breakwall, Capt John bought us coffee and took us to the beach and we watched the waves breaking over the breakwall. He gave us our choice we could either receive our deposit back or roll it over to the next year. We opted to roll the deposit over and we are glad that we did. We have grown to know Capt John as the type of person who is fair, honest, and a totally capable Captain. I would not hesitate to recommend Capt John to anyone who enjoys fishing and wants a good deal for his buck.

Upstate NY


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